Feeding Bones and Raw Food

We strongly recommend you read these two books before feeding a BARF diet:

Give Your Dog A Bone..........Dr Ian Billinghurst DVM
Grow Your Pups With Bones.......same author as above

Nature's Farmacy, Inc. carries the above books ...... 1-800-733-4981

BARF (Bones and Raw Food) is what we feed our Great Danes. 60 - 80 % of the diet should consist of raw, meaty bones. Chicken necks, backs and wings are the best source of quality protein. Turkey necks and wings are good as well. Raw beef, meaty bones, liver, and offal should also be part of the diet. 2 to 3 meals per week should be vegetables pulverized in a food processor. We use carrots, lettuce, green beans and garlic. You can vary the types of vegetables. The diet should also have fruits. Our guys love apples. You can experiment to find out what your dog likes. Raw eggs/with shells, cottage cheese, and raw Goats milk can be added in small amounts.

Vitamin C: We prefer Calcium Ascorbate Powder. (2400 mg Daily) 1/2 Tsp per feeding
Granulated Garlic: 1/2 tablespoon granules sprinkle over chicken each meal.
Kelp Powder: Sprinkle 1/8 teaspoon on chicken each feeding.
Flaxseed (ground): 1 tablespoon A.M. feeding only.
Salmon Oil: 1000 mg capsule P.M. feeding.
Vitamin E: 400 IU 2 times weekly - we usually give this with the veggie meal.
B Complex Vitamin: Also given 2 times weekly with the veggie meal.
Fastrack: A probiotic, given daily according to weight.

To purchase Fastrack call Nature's Farmacy ......1-800-733-4981

You can purchase most of the above vitamins through Swanson Vitamin Discounts.......1-800-437-4148 or online.

Following are some recommended foods by list members for those who absolutely do not want to feed BARF. I good quality kibble is the next best thing:

Eagle 1-800-255-5959
Innova 1-800-532-7261
Precise 1-800-446-7148
Wysong 1-800-748-0233




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